TRX Suspension Training Benefits


TRX Suspension Training was created and developed by the Navy SEALS, which means that this exercise method means business. Suspension Training is a full body exercise that was designed to develop strength, balance, flexibility, and core stability, all at the same time.

The TRX Suspension Trainer is unique because you’re using your own bodyweight in order to perform different exercises. By having the ability to adjust your body position to determine the resistance, you are in control of your own workout. And by adjusting your body position during each exercise, you’re able to engage multiple muscle groups at the same time, giving yourself a much better workout than typical weight lifting.

At Streamline Vibrations Studio, they have a variety of TRX Suspension Training stages, like Bike, Ropes, Power Plate®, and Cardio Classes in order to give you the best workout with the best results. Our style of Suspension Training is very similar to Cross Training in that you’re working out in several different areas of exercise.

There are hundreds of different exercises that you can accomplish using a TRX Suspension Trainer, and doing this in conjunction with the vibration training will get you the results that you want—fast. Suspension Training gives you the total-body workout that you’re looking for. It helps to build balance, develops your core, and increases muscular endurance. After using the TRX Suspension Trainer, you will soon learn about muscles that you never even knew that you had. Athletes at any level—ranging from amateur all the way to professional—utilize the TRX Suspension Trainer in order to look and feel their best.

Streamline Vibrations Studio offers classes where personal trainers will teach you how to use TRX Suspension Training effectively in order for you to get the look and feel that you’re looking for.

6 TRX Suspension Trainer Exercises to Improve Your Volleyball Serve, Hit and Block

Volleyball demands core strength, an explosive vertical jump, rotational power, and solid shoulder, chest, and back muscles.

A strong core is required in every action you perform during the game. A player with a weak core won’t be able to block a strong opponent’s hit, dig up a killer serve, or serve a wicked ball.
Hitting, blocking, and jump serving require powerful legs and the ability to move unilaterally. Strengthening the legs independently through single leg exercises will push your performance through the roof.

Getting the most power from your serves and hits requires strong shoulder, back, and chest muscles. Even more important is the ability to rely on the rotational ability of your core. Imagine a baseball player swinging a bat without rotating the body. It’s the same thing with volleyball. Your power comes from the rest of the body and your arms are just the means to contact the ball. If all the action comes from the arms alone, you’ll destroy your arm while making a disappointing strike.

Here is a series of 6 exercises using the TRX Suspension Trainer to help your game.

The workout consists of 6 different exercises designed to target various muscle groups. The exercises and the muscle groups targeted are:

  • TRX Power Pull – Back, shoulders, biceps, transversus abdominis
  • TRX Chest Press – Chest, shoulders, triceps
  • TRX High Rotation – Abdominals, shoulders, latissimus dorsi
  • TRX Balance Lunge – Quadriceps
  • TRX Suspended Pike – Abdominals, hip flexors
  • TRX Suspended Hip Press – Hamstrings, glutes, back extensors